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About Us

Proactive, Committed, Focused

The drive towards a sustainable future is a key focus for many governments, reducing carbon dioxide and other harmful emissions. Simultaneously, ensuring and preserving freshwater supply to a growing global population is becoming a pressing concern.

Taeg was established by Matt Gowing and Chris Doyle. Matt’s experience in the green technology sector and Chris’s knowledge of fiduciary legislation created a formidable partnership based on a shared passion. Now joined by Davis with his forward-thinking approach, Franco’s technical expertise, and Peter’s detailed ESG insights, Taeg is a company at the forefront of green technology investment and development.

Based in Switzerland and operating globally, our vision is to be one of the premier, forward-thinking investors and supporting partners in green technology projects, actively involved in each business and making a tangible difference to the world.

Thanks to the experience of our team, Taeg can offer complete packages from consultancy, sourcing investment, and project management from inception to the finished project.

Green energy is our passion

Taeg has brought together like-minded individuals each with over 20 years of relevant industry experience as well as an international network of leading affiliated experts in their respective fields. Our team combines knowledge of energy generation, construction, delivery of projects & renewable fuel supply.

Why Choose Us?


Joint Venture: A shared venture for clients looking for investment or to spread risk. Taeg offers a Joint Venture option to own and operate the plant together within a J.V. Company/SPV

Capital Purchase: An initial consultancy agreement focused on initial project planning to enhance success factors and minimise potential risks.

New Technology Investment: Secure investment for technology partners looking to bring new or established renewables technologies to market.

Consultancy and Project Management

Expert support that delivers tangible results: Our team has a long-established track record of delivering successful projects of all sizes across a variety of sectors.

New Projects: A successful project needs to be conceived correctly from the outset: effectively resourced, planned, procured, engineered, constructed and commissioned. 

We work hand-in-hand to define, frame and manage projects to ensure they secure investment and meet all objectives.

Existing Projects: Our comprehensive consultancy service focuses on energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions for an existing project, campus or site.

Our experience allows us to provide due-diligence and investigative services to existing projects not achieving their client’s original design objectives, helping to resolve technical issues for existing renewable installations or completed construction projects.